Unchilding is an experimental theater performance, conceived and facilitated by visual artist Joshua Kaufman and a team of creative collaborators, that explores the personal tragedy of lost innocence.

In a traditional theater space cloaked in near-darkness, the audience is immersed in two consecutive short stories that combine ambient soundscape and character dialogue.

The vignettes unravel as the stage is lit to reveal a sequence of visually rich, life-sized dioramas embodied by a sprawling ensemble of 26 performers.

Kaufman’s tableaux vivants occupy an uncanny space between stillness and suspension, displacement and embodiment.

Unchilding approaches the genre of tragedy as a realm of the unknowable and the withheld.


4Wall Entertainment (NJ): Patrick Bellino Al Ridella
Al Crawford
Andrea Branch
Andy Snyder
Blurred Media: Philip Sanchez
Dapper Cadaver Props: Eileen Winslow BJ Winslow
DDPR: Daniel DeMello
Deepesh Agarwal Photography
Eclectic/Encore Props: Suri Bieler
Emily Winokur
Flora Collins
Gate Reality VR: Dan Morrow Alan Pierson
Immortal Masks
Jeanette Yew
Kirt Kaminski
Koncept VR: Joergen Geerds 
La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club: Kenneth Martin
Laura Matalon
Look to Listen Studio: Mike Kutchman
OFF OFF PR: Paul Siebold
Open Jar Studios
Rebecca Leone
Ryan Burke
Sean Lewis
TDF Costume Collection
The Huntington Theatre Company Lighting Team
The Theater Center: Catherine Russell
Tip Top Props: Tara Marino
Valerie Barnes Film
Very Fine Signs: Kurt McRobert
Zac McQuade
Max Pearlman Photography